College Courses at PCS

Portersville Christian School offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn up to 15 hours of directly transferable college credit through dual credit courses offered during the school year.

Students can meet their high school graduation requirements in English and History/Social Studies by taking English 101, English 102, Communication Skills, World Religions and Philosophy.

Mr. Ryan Wise is the course instructor, and the classes are offered during the regular class schedule each semester. Students earn 3 college credit hours for each course, and 1 full high school credit for each class. The courses are also counted in the student’s GPA as a full grade point. Students who receive an A in the course will earn 5 GPA points instead of 4.

In addition to these directly transferable courses, students may also earn AP credit in mathematics. PCS offers three AP courses, including Calculus AB , Calculus CD and Statistics and Probability. College credit is granted for these courses based on the AP exams given at the end of the school year.

For more information on the dual credit and AP credit program at Portersville Christian School, contact the guidance counselor, Sheila Powers, or the dual credit coordinator Ryan Wise.