These are the core values of Portersville Christian School as enumerated in our handbook:

  • PASSION for God
  • Christian CHARACTER
  • ACADEMIC excellence
  • SERVANTHOOD with school and community
  • PARTNERSHIP with home and church

Passion for God Cultivated – (II Tim. 2:15; Rom. 12:1; Matt. 28:20; Mark 12:30; Col. 3:2)

Develop and nurture a heart for God. Maturity involves the understanding and practice of traditional Christian spiritual disciplines, including prayer, Bible study, worship, accountability and witness.

Christian Character Developed – (I Cor. 11:1; Gal. 5:22-26; James 1:22-25)
Christianity is not rules, but relationship. We are to live in Christ, rooted and built up in Him through prayer and the Word. The faculty/staff at Portersville Christian School provide positive role models of Christ-like character and faith before every student.

Pursuit of Academic Excellence – (Col. 3:23; Prov. 4:7-8)
Portersville Christian School values learning and achievement with a biblical emphasis. The school is focused academically in providing a strong college preparatory program as well as general education through curricular and extra curricular programs. Parents and teachers demonstrate the importance of inquiry, investigation, discovery, study, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and diligence in the pursuit of daily learning.

Instill a servant attitude…a servant attitude encouraged (Phil. 2:3,4; Gal 6:2)
God calls us to servant leadership characterized by transparency. The students of PCS serve one another and the surrounding community and develop an outward focus of service.

In partnership with home, church (Gal. 6:1; Phil. 1:3-6; Matt. 7:1-5)
Faculty and staff support parents in the training and instruction of their children. The school is a partner with the church and Christian home in developing the lives of students. The school intends to be an extension of the home and a responsive listener as well as working in a cooperative manner with churches in the evangelical community.