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Adam Moyer
Adam Moyer
HS Science/Math
  • College Grove City College (2012)

Current Position: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science and Math.

Past Positions: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, and Math (Pre-Algebra through Calculus)

Hobbies or Secondary Positions: Old Navy, Center for Talented Youth (summer camp), and Online Tutoring

Something to share with parents considering Christian Education:  In public school, I felt like I had to hide any books or clothing that represented my faith or else face bullying by students and even teachers. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to incorporate our faith into every subject and build a community with other believers where we have a high standard to be Christ to one another and the world around us.

Something you believe makes PCS special: We have a very tight-knit community that we can lean on for prayer and support.

What makes PCS different from public school: I already answered this with my "one thing." :)

What makes PCS different from other Christian schools: I don't know enough about other Christian schools to answer this fairly, but I believe we are rather affordable. Also, we have several teachers who are qualified to teach, and do teach, at the collegiate level.