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Mike Charles
Mike Charles
HS Bible

Current Position: High School Bible

Past Positions: I have taught 7th through 12th Bible.  I also taught Early American History one year.  I coached boys basketball for 10 years and soccer one year. I was a school board member for 9 years. I was president of the PFA for several years.  I was even a temporary principal for 2 weeks while the principal was in Russia.

Hobbies or Secondary Positions: I love music and going to many ball games and many school events for all my grandchildren.  My first job was pastor for 40 years while I taught at PCS.  I  did missions work for 3 years before coming to Portersville.

Something to share with parents considering Christian Education:  The greatest responsibility of any parent is to teach our children the Word of God.  Let us help by partnering together.

Something you believe makes PCS special: The teaching of Biblical principles in every course.

What makes PCS different from public school: All teachers are born again believers and God's Word is our central foundation.

What makes PCS different from other Christian schools: The love and compassion shown to each student preparing them the future God would have for them.