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Looking to the Future

As some of you may know, PCS was founded over 50 years ago in the basement of Portersville Alliance Church.  Soon a school building was built directly behind the church to accommodate the growing number of students.  Since that time, the school has gone through various additions and building projects.  More classrooms and even a gymnasium were added to Portersville Christian School.  

During our last accreditation in 2014, it was recommended that we look for ways to grow in the future. Since that accreditation, various options have been considered, including starting a satellite campus and trying to add on to our current facilities.  We believe that the heart of Portersville Christian School is right here in this location, and so we decided that we did not want to pursue a satellite campus at this time.  We had our eye on a piece of property behind the school, but it was not available for purchase.  There was also a feasibility study completed on the current building to see what type of growth could be achieved.   It was found that we are limited in terms of growth with our current property and building.  As we continued to survey our options, we prayed that God would guide us.  

In March after several months of prayer, the school entered negotiations to purchase the 26-acre lot directly adjacent to the school building.  COVID-19 slowed down the process and also allowed the school’s leadership to take time to pray to make sure that it was God’s will at this time to move forward with the land purchase. We are excited to announce that the school is in the final stages of closing on the property purchase and should be in possession of this land before the end of the year.  

We hope to have a feasibility study and master plan created to determine the best use of the property that God has provided.  Recently, a generous donor contacted the school and gave a donation that would cover half the cost of the land purchase.  Our questioning whether this was the right timing was confirmed by God’s leading and opening doors to make this possible.  

The school has moved forward in faith and has covered the remaining cost of the land out of available funds in the school’s cashflow. During the month of November, we are praying that God provides the additional funds to purchase the land so that the cost of the property is completely covered through gifts and special designations.  God has put us in a position that we can purchase the land, but we are praying that God provides all of the money to purchase the land and pay for the future studies.  If you would like to donate toward the purchase and come alongside PCS as we look toward the future, text LAND to 724-202-1042 or use this link to donate online.  You can also contact our finance director, Brandy Fullmer for more information or ways to give by emailing or calling 724-368-8787 ext 203.  

Pray that God will continue to bless and lead PCS to continue its ministry of preparing students with a heart for God for another 50 years!

Jaime Kobialka
Head of School