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Andrea Johnson

Our new receptionist this year, Andrea Johnson, is also a PCS mom of five! We’re so happy to have her as part of our Warrior staff team. We asked her to answer some questions about herself to share with you! 

Andrea got her B.A. from Grove City College. She worked as a stay-at-home mom to her five children for the last 13 years and loved it. Before that she was a legal secretary and receptionist.

When asked how she found out about PCS Andrea said, “Funny story. I first set foot in PCS as an almost-newlywed staying with a PCS family before my wedding in 2004. They needed cafeteria help!”

When asked why she chose her career path Andrea answered, “In every path I have chosen, my main goal has been to do the next right thing to the glory of God in order to use the gifts He has given me and love the people around me.”

Andrea used to be a ballet dancer with Atlanta Festival Ballet and with a Houston-based company called Ad Deum, which is Latin for "unto God."

When asked why she chose to work at PCS Andrea replied, “I chose to work at PCS because I firmly believe in its core values of having a passion for God, academic excellence, Christian character, and service to others. I hope to help further those goals in my work and instill them in the lives of the students here.”

When asked what she would say to a family considering sending their children to PCS Andrea said, “I would talk about so many things: the high standards of excellence, the fact that students are taught to be independent thinkers, the athletic opportunities, the friends their students will make, and the love that all of the staff have for the Lord. I would also emphasize what has meant a lot to me personally, which is the love that the teachers here have for their students. They care deeply and work hard to encourage their students' growth.”

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