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Gretchen (Schmidtke) Burr

Gretchen, our featured Warrior alum from the Class of 2001, attended PCS from grades 1-12 and is now a PCS parent as well! Read below for information on Gretchen's PCS experience and how it has impacted her.

What have you been up to since your time at PCS? I am a Speech-Language Pathologist/Educational Consultant for Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV. My husband and I also have two sons, George and Silas enrolled at PCS.  Baby sister Amelia (photo below) was born April 10 and will be attending PCS with her brothers when she is old enough!

How did PCS prepare you for life after high school? For what you're doing now? PCS instilled a strong academic work ethic and Biblical worldview. We read the Bible daily and studied it in depth in our classes. We were given Christian guidance from teachers, peers and other PCS families. I still consider my PCS friends my closest friends and their families are just as close as my own. My parents always said/still say- invest now or pay later. We believe Christian education is an investment in our children’s character development and their future.

Did being educated with a Biblical worldview impact your work? If so, how? Yes- I carry my faith with me daily no matter what I am doing. I try to practice morals and ethics in my work. 

Do you have any other thoughts to share about your experience at PCS? PCS is a family atmosphere and we’ve bonded with many families. I am excited with the prospect of getting to know other families and watching our children grow up together!

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