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Meet the Haller Family!

Michael and Ronee Haller’s family have been a part of  the Warrior Family for 14 years! We’re so happy to have them involved as part of the Warrior Family, and we wanted to share their story with you! We asked them to answer some questions about their experience at PCS, and this is what Ronee had to share about her PCS story. 

Why did you choose PCS for your child(ren)? 
My daughter started here in 4th grade and we initially came because of the smaller class sizes.  My son is a Junior at PCS and has been here since Kindergarten. He has thrived in the Christian environment of PCS and I love that the Bible is intertwined throughout many subjects. I chose PCS for both of them because I love the teachers and families and feel very safe with them here.

What do you love most about PCS? 
The supportive administration, teachers, staff, and families. When we came here 14 years ago I remember thinking it was strange that everyone seemed so nice. I now realize that is the culture of PCS. Times have been trying the past year but most people at PCS do their best to make it a cheerful environment and really look for ways to engage students and keep their morale up. I am very grateful that we are open and in person this year as I think it is very important for the mental health of our children.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?
Community. I've used the word supportive several times already to describe PCS but that support really leads to a sense of community. I have seen families struggle with different issues over the years and PCS really comes together to make sure those struggling know they have a supportive network of Christian people who are praying for them and reaching out to help. Many students spend years and years together so they really get to know each other and each others families. I feel like some of the families at PCS are part of our own family and I will miss that when my youngest graduates.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experiences at PCS?
My daughter started here in 4th grade. She always loved school and "played school" but was not thriving in the public school where she was. It didn't take long to see many positive changes in her by coming to PCS. The teachers were so supportive and the smaller class size made her love school again. She was never athletic but she was a founding member of the archery team and loved having that opportunity to be on a team and letter in a sport.  She is currently a senior at Waynesburg University and student teaching for a degree in Elementary/Special Education. I credit PCS with encouraging and her love of school and helping her realize her full potential. 

My son is a Junior and has been on the archery team since 4th grade. He had the amazing experience to place at the PA state tournament in elementary and middle school. He credits that opportunity with really making him realize that with hard work and dedication he could excel at other things. The supportive environment and opportunity to participate in things that he may not have had a chance to try has helped him to flourish. He realizes he is not afraid to try because if he stumbles or falls it is not a failure because he has gone out of his comfort zone and tried. I am grateful for the Christian teaching and feel confident that PCS is helping him to grow into a young man of strong Christian character. 

How is PCS preparing your child for college and beyond?
I absolutely love that PCS has dual enrollment courses and AP classes. The dual enrollment allowed my daughter to go to college with 15 credits already under her belt. But more importantly, she was already used to the rigors of college level courses. She credits the rigors of the "BC3" classes with Mr. Wise with her academic success in college. My son is also participating in dual enrollment and took advantage of the opportunity to take a class through Grove City college this summer which counted for high school credit. It was a great chance for him to experience a college class taught by a college professor while still in high school. He absolutely loves his AP government class and AP statistics. 

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at PCS?
The thing I hear the most that holds people back is that they have to pay tuition. My family has made many sacrifices to send our kids to PCS but I wouldn't change it in a million years. The fact that we can teach our kids in a Christian environment is worth every penny. They are not only getting a Christian education they have a chance to participate in outstanding academics if they take advantage of the opportunities available at PCS.

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