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Meet the Spiker-Stepleton Family!

Two last names can be a little confusing, right? We are a blended family made up of Jeff and Amanda and kids: Annabele Spiker, Riley Spiker and Bryson Stepleton. We (Amanda and Jeff) were married in 2011, and live in New Castle, PA.

Annabele is our oldest daughter, and she has been in Christian schools since she was in 2nd grade. She has had positive experiences with Christian schooling in Pittsburgh and found that the environment was a safe spot in our lives after Annabele and Riley lost their father.

When Jeff and I met and decided to get married, we quickly discussed the educational options for the kids in the New Castle area. Both of us were on board to send the kids to a Christian school, to continue to give them a solid foundation and supportive environment.

Our kids quickly thrived in Christian school, and soon during her middle school years, my daughter was looking for a larger program with more opportunities than where they were attending. She transferred over to PCS in middle school and the boys came shortly after. We have been involved at Portersville Christian school now for 6 years. They have been able to make friends and fit in right from the start. Each child has been supported and encouraged to be who they were created to be. Teachers have been encouraging and caring for our children, as well as hold them accountable and pray with and for them. The education can be rigorous, but the teachers walk alongside of the students helping them each step of the way.

Both boys have been involved in the  elementary and junior high basketball  programs and this year Riley will be joining the high school team. Getting involved in activities at the school has made a huge difference in the interaction we have had with other families. It’s no surprise to be at a completely packed high school basketball game and see families with kids throughout the whole school and even some families whose children have already graduated.

Annabele is now a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. She was able to get a great scholarship because of her grades and the quality of classes that she took while in high school. She was also able to get college credits through the partnership with PCS and Butler County Community College. She was able to have completed an entire semester of school

Before heading off to her freshmen year. Because of the quality teaching at PCS, Annabele was more than prepared to start college this year, and has not had to adjust to the intensive academic nature of college classes. Being at Portersville Christian School has helped shape and mold all of us educationally and socially, and we are thankful to be a part of the Warrior family!

Amanda Spiker
Current Parent

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