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Dual Credit

Students at PCS in grades 11 and 12 are offered the opportunity to earn college credits through three programs.  

Butler County Community College (an in-house program taught at PCS)
Up to 18 hours of dual credit are available through the College in the High School program at Butler County Community College, which includes the following courses:  English 101 and 102, Philosophy, World Religions, Communications Skills, and Shakespeare. These courses are taught by a PCS instructor for BC3 credit.

Advanced Placement Courses
Students may also earn college credit through the College Board Advanced Placement program by taking AP Calculus, AP Statistics and Probability, or AP US History and passing the exams for up to 4 credit hours in each course.

Dual Credit from Grove City College/Grand Canyon University
Additionally, PCS partners with Grove City College (GCC) and Grand Canyon University (GCU). Students may earn up to 4 high school credits by taking courses from GCC and GCU, which are taken in tandem with the BC3 courses at PCS. For the full list of courses and program requirements, review the Dual Credit Options 2022-2023 document.  Students who wish to take a GCU course for dual credit must complete the Dual Credit Course Request Form and turn in to the Guidance Office. Click for a list of approved dual enrollment GCU Courses.

Students earn 3 college credit hours for each course, and 1 full high school credit for each class. The courses count towards the student’s GPA as a full grade point. Students who receive an A in the course will earn 5 GPA points instead of 4.