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Making Christian Education Accessible

At PCS, we aim to provide a distinctively Christian, academically excellent education that is accessible to all families.  We want every qualified, mission-appropriate student to have the opportunity to attend PCS.  However, we also know that Christian education is an investment, which can be a challenge for many families. Because of this, we make every effort to partner with donors to offset tuition costs.  We also offer  Variable Tuition, which provides financial scholarships based on a demonstrated financial need. If you are interested in learning about the different ways in which we can assist you in paying tuition, please contact the school office to learn more (

For the 2024-2025 school year, our tuition rates are:

Kindergarten (Full day) - $8,250
Kindergarten (Half day) - $6,500
Grades 1-6  - $9,400
Grades 7-12 - $9,950

For full details and a schedule for multiple children can be found by clicking the “Full Tuition Schedule 2024-2025” button below.

Variable Tuition

At PCS, our tuition is already subsidized by donors and other fundraising activities. In addition, we offer Variable Tuition, which provides financial scholarships based on a demonstrated financial need by completing a financial profile that is evaluated by a third-party entity to determine the variable tuition price for your family.  Our Variable Tuition is administered through our Financial Scholarships program. To get started, click the Financial Scholarship Application button in the section below.

Financial Scholarships

Variable Tuition Financial Scholarships are awarded on a need basis. Our goal at Portersville Christian School is to provide all of our eligible families with up to 50% of their financial need.  We use FACTS for our online tuition management service and third-party scholarship eligibility determination provider. This application process includes evaluating a family's income and is simple, convenient, and completely confidential and secure. There is a nominal fee for the financial scholarship application. To get started, click the Financial Scholarship Application button below. Contact the Office with any questions 724-368-8787 or by email:

Application Fee - $75/student
Enrollment Fee - $100/student

The nonrefundable, new student application fee is due at the time of application and covers the application processing and any admission testing.  It is paid online during the online application process.

Continuous Enrollment Fee - $50/student

At PCS, there is no need to re-enroll every school year. We assume current students are re-enrolling unless you notify us otherwise. There is a $50 enrollment fee per student assessed and rolled into the first tuition payment of the upcoming school year.

Withdrawal Fee:
Because planning for the next school year occurs early and involves identifying staffing needs, it is important to let us know of changes in enrollment early. 

Before April 30 - No withdrawal fee
Before May 1-14 - $50 per student
Before May 15-July 14 - $100 per student
July 15 and later - $100 per student plus first months tuition

Families choose a payment plan from FACTS from among these options:

1. Pay in full (August)
2. 10 month plan
3. 12 month plan

Parents must sign up for a FACTS tuition payment plan before the enrollment is complete. 

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