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As image-bearers of Christ, we are all gifted differently. Participating in the arts gives students a chance to explore and develop their gifts. At PCS, students have many ways they can participate in the arts--through music class, theater productions, art class, and more. We believe participation in the arts is an important aspect in offering a well-rounded education and also helps students explore and express the beauty of God's creation. 


All elementary grades have weekly music and art class where students learn to enjoy and practice the arts.  Instrumental lessons are available for our elementary students with our instrumental instructors.  Grades K-6 also get their feet wet with theater through multiple in-classroom productions throughout the year.  The annual elementary-focused play near Christmas gives budding young performers a chance to participate--and even to shine!

High School

Junior High students have Music and Art classes twice a week to continue their knowledge and appreciation of music and art.  Grades 7-12 can participate in Junior High or High School Chorus which performs in the Christmas and Spring concerts. High school students can continue their instrumental lessons and also have the choice to join a music ensemble.  Junior high and high school students can also play in the Worship Team for weekly chapel, which is a great way to develop their talents while praising God. The Fall Drama and Spring Musical facilitate a way for students to get a taste of theater, and a large percentage of our student body participates in some way.