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Our purpose is to prepare and develop disciples of Christ who can use their gifts to go forward and impact the world for His kingdom. This involves rigorous study to train students how to think critically, problem solve, and interact with the world around them from a Biblical perspective.  Students can take advantage of advanced college prep courses as well as various electives to prepare them for life beyond high school, whether that involve college, trade school, or entering the work force. Our teachers are all professing Christians who care about their students and are invested in their success. 





Bible – 4 credits
English – 4 credits
History – 4 credits
Math – 4 credits
Science – 4 credits
Computer – 1 credit
Foreign Lang.—2 credits
Physical Education 1 credit
Health .5 credits
Electives—2 credits

Minimum of 27 credits for a student attending PCS in grades 9-12



Dual Credit

Students at PCS in grades 11 and 12 are offered the opportunity to earn dual credit while in their junior and senior year.  Up to 18 hours of dual credit are available on campus with our instructor through the College in the High School program at Butler County Community College, and includes English 101 and 102, Philosophy, World Religions, Communications Skills, and Shakespeare.  In addition, students can earn additional college credits through Grove City College and Grand Canyon University. 

Honors and Advanced
Placement Courses

Students can choose from several Advanced Placement courses including: AP History, AP Civics, AP Physics, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus. For Honors courses, students can take Honors Chemistry and Honors Spanish 3 and 4. AP Exams are administered at the school on the dates set by the College Board. To be eligible to take an Advanced Placement course, students must have a 2.5 GPA, they must have earned an 80% or higher in the specified prerequisite course, and they must have a teacher recommendation. 



"English 101/102 really prepared me for writing in college. I was way ahead of my peers in this area."
~PCS Alumni