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Dalton Arblaster

Dalton attended PCS from grades 8-12 and graduated in 2019.  Since graduating, Dalton has been busy with life! He works as an electrician and has recently bought a house. He is currently planning a wedding with his fiancĂ©, Eva. Dalton had time to answer a few questions for us for our Alumni Spotlight.

How did PCS prepare you for life after high school? Did it impact your work? If so, how? PCS gave me more confidence and helped me to become more social. It also taught me how to deal with all types of people. Yes, I really enjoyed being at Portersville and being surrounded by the word of God. After being out of Portersville and into the workforce, you find out that the rest of the world is not such a kind place and it is nice to have a strong background and faith before being turned out into the world. 

Do you have any other thoughts to share about your experience at PCS? I really enjoyed my time at PCS. I loved all of the teachers who took the extra time to help me get through school. I made lifelong friendships and have so many good and funny memories of all my years at Portersville. Lastly I have to say to all the kids, enjoy your years in school, work hard, but most of all, remember to have fun because these years you will never get back so really cherish them… time flies!!!!

Indeed, time flies! Thank you, Dalton for your support of PCS!

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