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Ken (Lincoln) Lin

Our first Alumni Highlight is a former exchange student from China, Ken Lin. Although not technically an alumni since he returned home to complete his high school years, we were excited to recently catch up with Ken Lin about his time at PCS. He was affectionately known as “Lincoln” during the 2017-2018 school year when he attended PCS and was part of the Junior class. 

Ken was a junior when he attended PCS and attended several school trips and events, including the Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic, the Junior/Senior Banquet and the Senior Missions Trip to Virginia. He also was a member of the Varsity basketball team (see photo).

When we asked Ken how his time at PCS prepared him for life after high school, he responded, “PCS introduced me to the intellectual and spiritual life in the US. My short but memorable basketball career at PCS also taught crucial values such as leadership, integrity, and empathy. ” 

Ken is currently in his third year at Haverford College, studying Economics and Math. His goal is a career in economic research. We wish Ken Lin the best!

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