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Mary (McDonald) Kruse

Like many of our alumni, Mary (McDonald) Kruse from the class of 2012, is accomplishing great things! After graduation, Mary--who is the daughter of “Coach Mike” of our girls' basketball team--attended Grove City College for her Bachelor's degree. She then attended DeSales University Physician's Assistant Program. Since her graduation from that program in 2018, Mary has been employed with Westfield Family Physicians as a PA. Mary was married in 2021 to Derek and they are pictured together here on a Missions trip to the Dominican Republic. We recently touched base with Mary to ask her a few key questions about being a PCS alumnus.

How did PCS prepare you for life after high school and for what you are doing now? I think PCS provided me with a a good foundation for developing healthy friendships and mentoring from faculty.  I gained confidence in my abilities in sports, musicals, and serving because of the faculty who empowered me to do so. With this confidence I was able to enter college with a strong foundation in my identity in Christ and my work ethic for studying, as I handled playing D3 basketball and studying Biology which was intense. But I was able to manage my time well and eventually this aided me in my current career as a physician assistant where time management is critical and strong work ethic is of utmost importance.

Did being educated with a Biblical worldview impact your work? If so, how? Yes, I work in a Christian family practice and the Gospel motivates me in all my interactions with patients. I'm grateful for having grown up in a setting that helped me make wise decisions with my life from the start, during a time where my heart and mind were very moldable, so that I had a stronger foundation going into college when the tougher questions of life arose, I was not easily shaken. Today, I get to meet with people from various walks of life and get opportunities to talk about these difficult topics, and I also get the opportunity to speak truth and love into their lives when they get to a difficult period of their life.

We wish Mary and Derek our best as they continue to use their gifts for Gods' glory!

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