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Mr. Grove

October 26, 2023
By Mary Barnes


Mr. Grove is in his second year of teaching Bible at PCS. He also is a PCS alum, having attended PCS grades 7-12. Besides his work at PCS, Mr. Grove stays busy spending time with friends hiking, playing games, or hanging out. Mr. Grove is also busy planning a wedding! This summer he will be marrying, Leah, a former PCS classmate who he got to know while they were both participating in the PCS musical when they were in high school. Fast forward seven years and they are tying the knot!

 This year Mr. Grove is teaching 9th grade how to read the Bible, and he says that he has enjoyed spending time preparing for that class. He adds that it has helped shape how he can read the Bible in the way it is designed to be read. In extracurricular activities, Mr. Grove coached the Junior High Soccer Team this year. He has also taught the Pickleball elective class this semester, which was not a stretch for him since he has helped coach Seneca Valley's Tennis team in the past. Mr. Grove also does some reading in his spare time, and is currently reading “You Are What You Love” by James Smith. We are thankful for our teachers and are especially happy when a former PCS student wants to come back and join the faculty! 

Mrs. Picerno

October 17, 2023
By Mary Barnes

Mrs. Picerno has been at PCS for 29 years as our music teacher. She has put on many concerts and touched many students' lives!  This year, Mrs. Picerno is excited about teaching Music Appreciation for the first time. Her favorite part about being the music teacher is being able to teach Christian songs and getting students excited about music. She also loves that she now has students who are children of former students! She also can count several current faculty members among the students she has taught. In her free time, Mrs. Picerno likes to read and do embroidery. She also looks forward to her annual trip to Disney World. We are excited about another year with Mrs. Picerno at the helm of our Music department!

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